This page provides a short description of the state of the ocean and upcoming ocean events in order to enhance user understanding and inform use of ocean products. It is also hoped that it will generate discussion about shared interests.

Please comment on an article if you have a contribution, ocean observation, or new idea.

The scope is ocean phenomenon in the 0 to 7 day timeframe in Australian waters. Slow-moving features are suitable for discussion, including:

  • ocean temperatures
  • sea level
  • ocean currents
  • ocean salinity
  • speed of sound

This list will be used as a rough order for the subject matter, to provide some consistency post to post.

Outside the immediate scope is wind wave phenomena, as they are fast-moving. Wave forecasts are changeable within a daily timeframe and not suitable for a weekly product.

This is not an operational product, and may not be updated every week.

This website is hosted on NCI to ensure access for all Bluelink partners: BoM, CSIRO and DoD. It is not for public release.